Ninja CM401 specialty 10 cup coffee maker will make you an instant barista. What you enjoy in the coffee house, you can do it at home.

Ninja CM401 Specialty 10 Cup Coffee Maker, with 4 Brew Styles for Ground Coffee, Built-in Water Reservoir, Fold-Away Frother & Glass Carafe, Black

4.7 stars product rating by customers | 13249 customer reviews

Ninja CM401 is a SCA certified home brewer, meeting the Golden cup standard for optimal extraction and strength. It is also consider one of the best drip coffee makers in the market.

This coffee maker includes a in-built frother, filter holder with a permanent filter (or you may prefer #4 paper cone filter in the filter holder which can be purchase separately).

Equips with 4 brew styles and 6 brew sizes, making your guest or yourself a good cup of cup of coffee is a piece of cake. Not to mention the CM 401 also come with a built-in frother, preparing hot or cold latte, cappuccinos, iced coffee and other form of beverages becomes a joyful task.

What are the 4 brew styles that Ninja CM401 specialty coffee maker can brew?

Classic Brew

Classic brew will give you a smooth well balance flavour coffee. By using the ninja smart scoop to measure the amount of ground coffee, depending on your serving size and simply press the Classic button.

Rich brew

Select the rich brew button for a more intense taste. Although the Ninja CM401 don’t make true espresso, the rich brew make a more concentrated coffee, some see it as a substitute for espresso. Both styles is a sure way to start your morning right.

Iced coffee

Specially designed to brew hot over ice coffee that is not watered down.

The preparation is easy. Simply place your desired vessel filled with ice under the brew basket, select the brew size using the multi serve dial and press the OVER ICE button.

The brew will begin. Brewing processing also take care of the even saturation of the ground coffee.

Specialty Brew and frothing milk

Specialty brew feature let you make coffeehouse style drinks. With the in- built frother, you can brew lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos and many other styles of drinks just like a certified barista.

Check out the quick start guide plus 10 irresistible recipe from ninja to make full use of this specialty coffee maker.
Place an empty vessel under the brew basket and press the SPECIALTY button to start the brewing process.

Frothing milk is done by pouring the required amount of milk into a cup, for hot froth, micro wave it for 45 sec to 1 min. Bring the cup of milk over to the frother. Submerge whisk slightly under the surface of milk. Froth for 30-45 seconds.

Useful features that make Ninja CM401 standout

Not only the 4 brew styles and 6 brew sizes that make the CM401 specialty coffee maker popular, some of the useful and intelligent features also help this coffee maker become one of the amazon bestselling coffee makers. Let check it out.


Ninja CM401 intelligent warming plate

Nanja CM401 Specialty coffee maker will turn on the Intelligent Warming Plate automatically for half or full carafe of Rich or Classic brew.

Default warming plate temperature is set to high and timing for the warming plate to stay on is 2 hours. You can adjust the temperature between High and Low and the warming plate timing up to 4 hours by press the STAY WARM button.

USING THE DRIP STOP for a quick cup of coffee

ninja cm401 drip stop control

When brewing carafe, you can pause the brewing process and pour a cup of fresh brew by closing the DRIP STOP toggle. To complete the brewing cycle, promptly replace the carafe and turn on the DRIP STOP.

Delay Brew feature

ninja cm401 delay brew

You can pre-set the brewing time so that you can wake up the next morning with your favourite coffee ready to serve.
Fill up the water in the water reservoir add your favourite ground coffee to the filter basket and remember to place an appropriate-size vessel under the brew basket.

Press the DELAY BREW button and the DELAY BREW will illuminate and the clock start to flash.

Set the time when you want the CM 401 Speciality coffee maker to start the brewing process.
You will also need select the brew size and brew style.

Once done allow the DELAY Brew to not flashing or press the DELAY BREW button to activate the process.

Cleaning of the Ninja CM401 coffee maker

Cleaning the CM401 coffee maker is easy. Most of the parts is machine washable. The water reservoir, flip-top lid, permanent filter, filter holder, glass carafe, frother whisk and scoop are all top-rack dishwasher safe.

Customer review on the Ninja CM401 Speciality 10 cup coffee maker

ninja cm401 4.7 stars customer reviews

There are currently more than 14 thousand customer reviews on amazon website, average 4.5 stars positive rating on this coffee machine. 86% of the rating are 5 stars.