Top rated coffee makers – The Ultimate Guide to finding your best home coffee maker

Morning coffee is a ritual for most of us and one thing in common for all coffee lovers is we need to have at least one coffee machine at home so that we can get our coffee fixed when we get out of the bed. This is certainly one important task to do in order to start our day right.

Since coffee can be prepare in many different ways, coffee machine manufacturers have built different types of coffee makers to suit individual needs and preferences. So which one do you prefer?

The simple yet popular drip coffee makers

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

The process involved in making a good cup of drip coffee is simple, you place the required amount of coffee ground in a filter, pour boiling water over it and allow it to drip through the filter and you are ready to enjoy your cup of Joe.

Most people prefer drip coffee as it is one of the most convenient way to get your coffee craze fixed. Some study pointed out that the paper filter used in the best drip coffee maker also filtered out most of the essential oils.

The study believed that these essential oils contribute to higher cholesterol level in our body.

Coffee maker with grinder

Why do you need a coffee grinder when there are pre ground coffee? Well, there are many study and experiment to show that coffee beans start losing its flavor compounds and essential oils immediately when it is being grind.

Coffee connoisseurs believed the only way to preserve the freshness and taste of your coffee, you have to grind the coffee beans just before brewing it. Here are some of the best coffee makers with grinder to pick from if you prefer to grind your own beans. We also identified 5 important features to help you find the best grind and brew coffee maker.

The French press coffee maker

French press coffee maker had been ago for centuries and it is still very popular among coffee lovers, the coffee ground is steeped in hot water, allowing it time to release its full flavor, essences and aroma before using a plunger to press out that perfect cup of hot coffee.

The different between French press and drip coffee is that French press coffee contain more essential oils than drip coffee maker because the paper filter in drip coffee maker filtered out most of the essential oil.

Another advantage is that since Press coffee don’t require filter paper, it can be more convenience when travelling without worrying about running out of coffee ground filter and is also environmental friendly.

There are study that link coffee to cholesterol and particularly pointed out that the essential oils in the French press coffee may raise the cholesterol level, if you are concern, read more here.

Under cabinet coffee maker

Under cabinet coffee maker is gaining popularity due several reasons. It is a space saver for a small kitchen or home owner simply want to mount the coffee machine above kitchen counter to has a clutter free kitchen. It may sound practical, extra care need to be taken when opting for this brewing machine, read more about under cabinet coffee maker here.

How to pick the Right home Coffee maker

Buying a home coffee maker may sound simple, but wait! If you go into further study and research, it may get even more intimidating as there are so many brands, models and types of coffee makers to choose from.

At, we fully agree that making a good cup coffee is one of the most important task to start off the morning and must be an easy task. Selecting a home coffee machine should be made easy too.

We have put together all the top coffee makers, including the best selling coffee makers, home coffee machine with best reviews and best discount coffee maker available so that you are able to find one for brewing your perfect cup of coffee in your own home. One good idea is to check out SCAA certified coffee makers. These home coffee machines had met stringent requirements & industry standards.

You may also visit this site for additional information on picking the right coffee machine or simply scroll to the bottom of the page to watch a video on how to pick the best coffee maker that meet your needs and requirements.

You can expect to find top brand that includes the Bonavita coffee maker, Cuisinart, Sterlingpro French Coffee Press, Kona and many other popular coffee makers. We are sure you can find one here with great bargain.

Whether you like a strong espresso or a light and frothy cappuccino, you can count on your coffee marker to deliver your hot drink of your choice on time to enjoy it and not be late for work.

Coffee makers function and feature

People who want to be in full control of the entire coffee making process will select the best coffee maker with grinder, allowing them to buy coffee beans from the best rated coffee makers

Others prefer quantity – so they will select a coffee machine that can make up to 12 coffee cups or with a large thermal carafe.

Coffee Maker Reviews

Whatever your preference, if you want to make sure that you buy one of the top rated coffee makers, you should carefully look for customer reviews and specialists’ opinions of the basic characteristics of a good coffee machine.

Some of the best brands, such as Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee and Bonavita can always be trusted for quality, but even they have a few models that may not be adequate for home use or answer to your needs.

Characteristic of a good coffee machine

In general, these are the characteristics you should check for, if you want to identify the best drip coffee maker and make sure you made a good investment.

How Safe Is The Coffee Maker

This is the most important characteristic of any home appliance: it must be safe to use, even with children around. When it comes to coffee machines, safety refers to the integrity of the electric cord and plug, the way coffee is dripped inside the carafe and the type of carafe.

Some brands which manufacture top rated coffee makers offer more safety by including an automatic shut-off function, so that even if you forgot about it, it will not overheat and run unsupervised, causing potential accidents.

The best home espresso machine brands will also include a sound alarm, letting you know that the coffee is made and you can enjoy it.

Design and Features

Top rated coffee makers have a sleek and compact design and can be fitted in your kitchen cabinet with ease. Among the most desired design features are the capacity to replace the regular carafe with a thermal one, thus allowing your coffee to stay hot for a longer period of time.

Another great feature is pause brewing, allowing you to enjoy a quick cup of coffee before the machine has finished the brewing program. This option is available for top of the line grind and brew coffee maker brands, together with the ability to adjust the standard quantity of coffee per one brewing program. The Cuisinart DGB-625BC, Cuisinart DGB-700BC and Black and Decker CM5000B are good coffee makers to consider.

You don’t want to memorize the steps to operate a Coffee Maker

Can you operate your under cabinet coffee maker with ease or does it look like some kind of futuristic machine from a Sci-fi movie? Great technology comes with great simplicity of use, and this is what makes the difference between top rated coffee makers and the rest.

Good coffee maker don’t have to be complicated

Making coffee shouldn’t be complicated, you should not be a rocket scientist in order to make yourself a cup of coffee, and you should not have to go through a complicated menu and push a lot of buttons in order to get your favorite latte ready before you drive to your office.

A good example is the French press coffee maker. It has been around since 1800s and it is still one of best selling coffee makers to date. Although it don’t has complicated buttons to press, it can produce great coffee very quickly. You can find one of the best french press coffee maker here.

Convenience is what makes the difference between home coffee machines and restaurant sized ones. You should not seek a complicated and large machine, but one that takes up a limited space in your kitchen and does its job just like the coffee machine you can find in your favorite café bar.

Warranty and Support

Accidents or manufacturing errors may occur even for top brands, but the way the company treats its clients in these situations makes the difference between a great company and one bound to fail.

The typical warranty for top rated coffee makers is three years, while friendly customer support means being able to find a store near you quickly and a hassle-free process of handing over the defective machine for repairs and getting it back within a reasonable time.

Top coffee machine companies such as Cuisinart, Bonavita and Mr. Coffee display the information on warranties prominently on their website and product pages, giving you a clear view of your rights and responsibilities as a client.

Even if you buy online, your warranty rights should be the same as buying from a store and you should be able to get in touch with a consultant from the customer support team with ease.

Final notes on buying the best home coffee maker

In conclusion, best type of coffee maker is the one which answers your needs, is easy to use and has all the features you need in order to enjoy coffee either on the run or leisurely. Now it is easier than ever to compare various brands and models and select the best combination of features for the best price.

You do not have to buy the largest or most expensive machine on the market – instead consider your habits when it comes to coffee and discover the machine that prepares it just the way you like it.

We are glad that you show interest in our online coffee makers website. We are constantly reviewing top notch home coffee machines and hope you can find one or more top rated coffee makers here.

Coffee and You

Many research was done on coffee consumption and the effect on health, you can have a read on the health effect coffee can bring here. Brew your coffee with the best coffee maker, sit back, relax and have a good read. We will keep adding coffee related post to our site, feel free to come back for more.