The Cuisinart DGB-625BC Coffeemaker – A Refined Coffeemaker You Can Rely on

The Cuisinart DGB-625BC coffeemaker is considered a rare breed and a product that Cuisinart can truly be proud of.

With a quality LCD display, accurate and easy to use time settings, and a number of highly practical features and additions that most coffee aficionados will find to be very handy, this model is one of the best you can find when looking for a good Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder.

Ready for a Delicious Cup of Coffee?

A modern day coffeemaker that has everything you’ll need to prepare a delicious cup of coffee comes with Cuisinart’s high end technology, and delivers a remarkable level of convenience when it comes to operating it even to make some of the most complex beverages you can think of.

Fully programmable, featuring a large, easy to access control panel and measuring up just right to fit in your kitchen without a problem, while being able to prepare coffee in sizable 12-cups, the Cuisinart will prepare your delicious morning coffee according to your detailed specifications all by itself, helping you save time before work and even replacing your alarm clock.

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Cuisinart Technology

Cuisinart technology is priceless in the coffee making world, and the DGB-625BC is no exception to this rule. The fully automatic coffee machine features a sleek, yet practical European design, and has handy buttons and settings to make virtually any task as easy and fast as possible.

You’ll get a clock LCD display that clearly shows you all on and off times, hour and minute buttons allowing you to program it quite easily, and an Auto On program button with LED indicator.

This automatic coffeemaker with grinder also has special features such as a 1-4 cup setting designed to extract the best flavor from your coffee beans when you’re brewing fewer than 5 cups, and a “grind off” button that turns the grinder off when you want to use pre-ground coffee. Check out here for all the features and latest pricing.

The Main Highlights of the DGB Model

• The 12-cup carafe with easy to read markings features an ergonomic design, and you can easily hold it to pour the coffee even when you’re in a hurry.
• Filling up this Cuisinart model’s reservoir is entirely easy with the included release button that allows for easy access to the reservoir and the grinder compartment.
• A brew pause feature is also included, so you can pour a cup of coffee during the brewing process itself, if needed.
• The grinder features an exceptional “Grind & Brew” feature that grinds the coffee to an ideal extent for this type of coffee maker – not too fine, not too coarse.
• You’ll also find a practical filter basket compartment that includes the dishwasher safe Cuisinart Gold Tone Commercial, the filter basket and basket cover.
Watch this short video from Cuisinart to learn more about this coffee machine. Don’t forget to click on the link below the demo video for the best discount.

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Straightforward and Easy to Use

Among automatic coffeemakers, you won’t find any that are more reliable, straightforward and practical than the Cuisinart DGB-625BC. The machine can be programmed to the second as to when it should turn on and off, grind or prepare your cup of java.

With hundreds of positive reviews from buyers – many of whom consider it the best grind and brew coffee maker they’ve ever tried – the Cuisinart model is definitely a great choice for the money.