The BlackandDecker CM5000B 12 Cup Coffee Maker – A Reliable Piece of High-Tech Engineering

If you’re looking for a powerful, resilient and overall well-rounded coffee machine, with plenty of features to look forward to and a price you can afford, Black and Decker CM5000B 12 cup programmable coffee maker might be just what you need.

The CM5000B is a model you can rely on. Fully programmable and adequately priced to compete with the best coffee machines in the trade, it makes coffee brewing a snap, has a highly accurate brew strength selector, and can both mill and brew.

Heavy Machinery from Black & Decker

There are plenty of high end coffee machines out there, but this one definitely offers something extra. Blackanddecker has often gotten us used to heavy machinery and tough tools that are designed to make difficult jobs easier.

This time, however, they have applied their manufacturing skills and technology to building a real refined masterpiece when it comes to the art of brewing coffee.

This well-designed, solid machine is meant to grind and brew coffee as efficiently as possible. Aside from its ability to grind coffee fast and then showering it with water according to the specific settings you want, in order to create the perfect cup of coffee.

It also features virtually every setting and option you can think of, including one for how fine you want the beans to be grounded or how strong you want your cup of coffee to be.

Advanced Features of Black and decker CM5000B Mill and Brew coffee maker

  • Whether you want to instantly brew or just program the machine for a quick cup of coffee at a later time, it will quickly and easily comply to your request.
  • An integrated grinder makes this design more compact and ergonomic, allowing for fewer components and an overall easier to use machine.
  • The control panel includes many options for adjusting the strength and quality of your coffee, including time settings and various options for both grinding and brewing.
  • You can set up the auto brew feature to prepare your delicious cup of coffee right when you wake up.
  • The glass Duralife carafe it comes with looks great, and can hold up to 12 cups with ease.
  • A sneak-a-cup feature is also included, allowing you to stop the brewing process temporarily and literally “sneak a cup” of coffee, before it’s completed.

A Popular Coffee Brewer

The Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker has been very well-received from the very first time it appeared on the market, by both regular buyers and expert reviewers.

If you take a closer look at review sites, you will see that not only are there 4 and 5 star ratings in proportion of more than 70%, but most of the buyers use words like “extremely resilient,” “well put together” or “outstanding control” when it comes to describing the CM5000B’s ability to provide the ideally refined, flavored and strong cup of coffee they wanted.

Additional Details

Easy to clean and providing a variety of additionally handy features such as a freshness indicator, a reusable filter and small brew option, the Blackanddecker CM5000B is quite possibly one of the most versatile and well-built coffee makers you will find at such an affordable cost, and if you’re truly passionate about brewing coffee, it will definitely be worth a closer look.