We went into great length on how to make good coffee, storing your coffee beans or ground coffee properly will help your effort in making a perfect cup of coffee a success. If you are like many coffee aficionados that cannot tolerated bad tasting coffee, wanting to know the best coffee storage method, investing in the best coffee storage container is not an option but a must.

Do coffee beans go bad?

If you are worry about coffee beans go bad after storing for sometimes, the good news is it is not so easy for coffee beans to turn bad over long period of storage time. The bad news is although the beans won’t go bad so easily, the bean will lose its fragrance and aroma when the days passes and eventually becomes stale and tastes flat. To keep the beans fresh for a longer period, we need to use proper storage methods and a good coffee storage container is a must.

What is consider a good coffee storage container?

If you understand the characteristic of coffee, you will know that not any normal container can do the job properly. Coffee starts to degrade the moment after roasting, here we are trying to slow down the degrading process as much as possible.

To know how to store coffee beans or ground coffee the right way, we need to address the three main damaging components that make the coffee loss its fragrance and essential tastes are:

  • 1. Oxygen
  • 2. Moisture
  • 3. Light

You have already learned how to prevent coffee from becoming stale, you should keep your coffee away from light, store it in a airtight container and in a dry place. We don’t recommend you to put your coffee in the fridge.

This is because when you open the container outside the fridge to make your next cup of Joe, unless you quickly put the coffee back into the fridge, condensation occurred due to the sudden change in temperature and that causes moisture to form. National coffee association USA wrote an article which we think is very informative, you can have a good read here.

Even you use a vacuum or airtight coffee container, oxygen still get into contact with your coffee when you open it up for making coffee, this is unavoidable, what you can do is to scope out what you need and quickly seal it back. If you can, buy a coffee storage container that has a one way vale so that you can press out all the oxygen from the container, creating a vacuum in it.

Top 4 best coffee storage container you don’t want to miss

With the three common enemies in mind, we went into search for the best coffee storage containers to keep of premium coffee beans or ground coffee from staling too quickly, let’s dive in to check out some of the best storage for ground coffee.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Container by Coffee Gator

Coffee Canister - Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Container - Fresher Beans and Grounds for Longer - Date-Tracker, CO2-Release Valve and Measuring Scoop - Large, Silver

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5 stars product rating by customers | 1,438 customer reviews

Buy Premium Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Container by Coffee Gator

You want to treat your bean with respect since you must have paid a premium price and expect to make a good cup of premium coffee every time. Buy this stainless steel coffee storage container by Coffee Gator and your coffee is sure to be in good care. Check out the latest promotion from Amazon here.

This Coffee Gator canister is really air tight which prevent the air and light from coming into contact with the coffee after it is properly closed. On the top of the canister is a one way valve to allow Co2 to be release out of the container.

The Coffee Gator Canister also helps you to keep track the coffee expiry date by incorporating a date tracking wheel on the lid. This coffee storage container is currently the best seller in amazon.com and has received 1438 reviews to date (Year 2017) with average 5 stars rating.

AirScape stainless steel coffee storage canister

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister - Patented Airtight Lid Preserve Food Freshness with Two Way CO2 Valve, Stainless Steel Food Container, Brushed Steel, Medium 7-Inch Can

4.4 stars product rating by customers | 1,004 customer reviews

  • Remove air and oxygen out of the canister; Thanks to AirScape’s patented valve and locks the lid in place
  • Stop odor contamination from other food
  • Made of restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • Demension: 7.2 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches

Buy Premium Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Container by Coffee Gator

AirScape stainless steel coffee storage canister is an innovative product by Planetary Design. Not only it prevent air from entering the container, but also able to press out trapped air after you closed the canister.

It is unavoidable that air will enter the container once you open it for making coffee, instead of locking the air inside to further deteriorated your premium coffee, the AirScape’s valve is able to force out the unwanted air, hence slow down coffee staling process.

Culinary Prestige Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Stainless Steel Coffee Canister 16 oz - Built-in One Way Valve Blocks CO2 From Ruining Coffee Flavor - Built-in Freshness Calendar (Medium, Stainless Steel)

4.8 stars product rating by customers | 223 customer reviews

  • Keep out air, heat, moisture and harmful UV ray from damaging your coffee
  • Useful calendar wheel to keep track of the coffee storage period
  • Made of stainless steel
  • One way valve to allow carbon dioxide to be release out of the canister
  • Demension: 15.4 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches

Buy Culinary Prestige Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Culinary Prestige make this airtight, stylish coffee canister for coffee connoisseurs like you and me to protect the coffee from becoming stale so that we can take our time to savor and enjoy fresh coffee, every time.

This coffee canister can block out harmful UV light, oxygen, moisture and heat. If not taken care of, can degrade your favorite coffee beans or ground coffee very quickly. This coffee storage container also features a handy rotating calendar to help you keep track and better check on the freshness of your ground coffee and beans.

Culinary Prestige stainless steel coffee canister has received an average of 4.8 stars rating from actual customers using it. You can check on amazon website to read on all the reviews or simply check for the latest promotion, currently selling at an discount of more than 60%.

BlinkOne Coffee Canister: Airtight Coffee Bean Container Storage with Magnetic Scoop (18 oz)

BlinkOne Coffee Canister: Airtight Coffee Bean Container Storage with Magnetic Scoop (18 oz)

4.7 stars product rating by customers | 330 customer reviews

  • BEST VOTED COFFEE CONTAINER: Keeping your roasted beans and ground coffee fresh with unique BPA free airtight silicom seal
  • Canister is made with SS202 stainless steel material, good in blocking out light, moisture and air from entering the container
  • 100% hassle free lifetime guarantee
  • Free COMPLEMENTARY COFFEE GUIDE on making good coffee

Buy BlinkOne Coffee Canister: Airtight Coffee Bean Container Storage with Magnetic Scoop (18 oz)

Preserving the coffee aroma and keeping your coffee bean fresh is what BlinkOne coffee container main objective and it has done a great job and is considered one of the best coffee storage container by many coffee lovers. You can check out all positive blinkone coffee container reviews from actual customers using it everyday.

Make of SS202 grade stainless steel and unique silicon seal that is very effective in blocking out sunlight, heat, steam and moisture.

Come with a innovative magnetic scoop that can be store inside the container without messing with the beans.The container is able to store up to 18 ounce of whole or ground coffee