How to Select the best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for Your Needs

The best grind and brew coffee maker takes away all the trouble of selecting the ideal ground coffee in order to enjoy the best brew. You buy whole coffee beans and the machine grinds them and then starts brewing the coffee.

Thus, this type of coffee machine is not just convenient, but also economical: a lot of people buy a separate grinder for their coffee machine – and good grinders are not cheap!

Why grind your own coffee since pre ground coffee is readily available?

When the coffee beans are pulverized, oxidation of the beans take effect very quickly, resulting in the loss of freshness, aroma and flavor. In order to prevent from drinking stale coffee, coffee connoisseurs strong agreed the best method of preserving coffee is to grind it just before brewing.

If you have never owned a grind and brew coffee maker before, you needn’t worry about learning how to use it. The best brands are compact built, with simple and clear command buttons, and the basic coffee making process is fully automated. The end result is a flavored cup of coffee – much better than the one you obtain from a simple drip coffee machine.

How to pick the best grind and brew coffee maker

Since buying a coffee machine with integrated grinder is a significant investment for your family, you should make sure that you invest in a quality grinder that you can use for a long time. Some of the best brands you should know of are Cuisinart, Bonavita, Krups, Breville and Capresso.

These being said, there are certain features and characteristics you should look for in finding a good grind and brew coffee maker. They are important not only for convenience and extended useful life, but also for the safety of operating the machine.

We feel these 5 key features should be incorporated in order to the the best grind and brew coffee maker, meeting the ever growing coffee lover’s high standard.


Would it not be nice to wake up to a hot cup of fresh coffee, already made before you got out of bed? This is the great advantage of the timer option. You can pour the coffee beans in the machine in the evening, and then set the timer to start making coffee 15 or 20 minutes before you wake up in the morning.

This way, you do not lose any time, especially on the days when you are on a tight schedule and you cannot afford to be late for work.

Pause Program

If you just started the coffee making program for 4 cups, but cannot wait until all the coffee is brewed, you can hit the pause button, pour yourself a cup full of flavor and, then, allow the machine to resume the program. Very convenient, isn’t it? Top of the line grind and brew coffee maker brands incorporate this function in all their models.

Auto Shut-off Function

No matter what your coffee tastes are, you certainly do not like burnt coffee. No joke, this is what over-brewed coffee tastes like. There is also the danger of fires or other accidents if the coffee maker is left turned on and unsupervised for hours. The best way to avoid this is to set the grind and brew coffee maker to shut off after a certain amount of time of not being used.

Conical Burr Grinder

You should select a coffee maker with a conical burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. The former type of grinder offers consistent quality in grinding the coffee over time. Another important feature of a good coffee machine is the ability to detach the grinder in order to clean it. Interested to know how burr coffee grinder works? We link you to this informative article about Burr grinder from wikipedia.

Thermal Carafe

If you want to avoid the dangers of overheating, but you want to keep coffee hot and fresh tasting for a few hours, you should select a coffee machine with a thermal (insulated) carafe. Thus, you can make the coffee in the morning and enjoy a few cups throughout the day, until the afternoon, without having to reheat the coffee.

The secret is to find the best combination of features for the price you are prepared to pay for the best grind and brew coffee maker and to remember that good brands are worth the extra cost you pay for their products.